Sustainability - The Hill Way


We took time in 2020 to examine  our strategic approach to ESG and set in place a structure that will determine how we care for the environment and support the local communities in which we work.

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    • Creating new-zero carbon homes
    • Taking care of our natural resources
    • Reducing our environmental impacts
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    • People come first
    • Communities and customers
    • Tackling homelessness
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    • Strategy and responsible business
    • Reporting and assurance
    • Future proofing


Hill is committed to reaching net zero carbon in our business operations and in the homes we build.  

We will reach net zero carbon in our Scope 1 and 2 business operations by 2030 and net zero operational carbon in the homes we build by 2030. 



We will leave a positive environmental legacy by achieving Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) across our portfolio of land. 

Social Value

We are dedicated to having a positive impact on every community we have the privilege to work in and in 2021 we will measure our social value added on all Hill activities and report on it. This will allow us to create a Social Value Plan and set targets for 2022 and beyond.


Caring for Our Planet

The energy centre in Eddington delivers heat and hot water to residents, with major system efficiencies reducing C02 and energy wastage. The development-wide rainwater harvesting and sustainable urban drainage system is currently the largest in the UK and recycles rainwater through natural drainage features before filtering it and returning it to our new homes  for use in washing machines and flushing toilets. 

An underground refuse system negates the need for wheelie bins and promotes recycling, and the development was designed to cater for pedestrians and cyclists, with interconnecting foot and  
cycle paths.

We have installed innovative recycling and household waste systems below ground at some of our developments.

Sustainability staff survey

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important aspect of how we do business. It is often referenced by our stakeholders, who of course include our staff, as a measure of what running a responsible business means.

With this new strategic focus in mind, we took the opportunity to carry out our very first staff survey dedicated solely to sustainability in autumn 2020.