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In addition to creating new homes for private sale, we continue to work in partnership with housing associations and local authorities to provide housing for a range of tenures across London and the South East.

Joint Ventures

Our long-standing relationships with housing associations, local authorities and private landowners have led to numerous successful, award-winning joint venture partnerships, providing a variety of mixed-tenure developments across London and the South East.
Joint Ventures


Our regeneration approach is community-led, with our teams engaging with all stakeholders from the outset to ensure the developments we create in existing neighbourhoods benefit the local community and add value to residents.

Partnership Working

At Hill, we encourage partnership working and by utilising the skills from each partner, we are able to provide high-quality homes which are designed and created to serve their communities.
Partnership working

Hill Investment Partnerships

Hill Investment Partnerships is an innovative subsidiary of Hill, designed to consolidate our skills and experience to partner with local government and Councils who wish to redevelop council-owned land to provide affordable, high-quality housing.
Investment Partnerships