A Joint statement by Notting Hill Genesis and Hill on Zenith House

Management Trainee Programme 1

A Joint statement by Notting Hill Genesis and Hill on Zenith House

We appreciate this is a very difficult time for the residents living in Zenith House and we would like to give them our assurance that Notting Hill Genesis as the building owner, and Hill as contractor, are working together to achieve a resolution as quickly as possible.

Hill was appointed as contractors on Zenith House by Notting Hill Genesis in 2011.  Plans for the design and build of Zenith House were approved by Building Control and the NHBC.

Hill and Notting Hill Genesis have been working closely on the situation at Zenith House since February this year. Hill has proposed to carry out a BS8414 test, an independent fire test by the Fire Protection Association. This will give certainty and help facilitate the granting of an EWS1 form. The test proposal has now been approved by Notting Hill Genesis and will be undertaken at the earliest available appointment. We will clarify the dates to residents as soon as they are confirmed.  If remediation work is required, it will be undertaken as swiftly as possible by Hill, following approvals by Notting Hill Genesis.

Notting Hill Genesis and Hill jointly will be communicating directly with residents and holding regular meetings to update them on the situation and to respond to their concerns.

A more detailed update has been provided by Notting Hill Genesis.