Hill's Activity Pack Results

Well done on finishing! You can find the answers to all of our quiz questions and puzzles below.

Spot the difference

We’ve coloured in where all the differences are between the photos. How many did you find?


Word Search

Here are all the words that can be found in our word search. If you found more than 5, your well on your way to becoming an excellent builder!

Mini Quiz Builder

1. What two items do you need to make cement?
Answer: B. Water and sand

2. What material would you use to help build the outside of a building?
Answer: B. Bricks

3. Which of these would you not find in your home?
Answer: D. A garden shed

4. What are windows made from?
Answer: C. Glass

5. What do builders use to dig up dirt from the ground?
Answer: A. A digger

6. What colour vest is worn on a building site to make workers stand out?
Answer: C. Yellow

7. What should you wear on your head to protect it when walking on a building site?
Answer: D. A hard hat

8. What is this tool?
Answer:  B. A hammer

How many did you get right?

We hope you enjoyed our activity pack, keep your eyes peeled for more fun activities coming soon.