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Our Customer Journey

At Hill, we aim to provide our customers with quality new homes supported by the best possible customer service. Our Customer Journey ensures you receive support from us at all stages of your buying journey.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority in everything that we do, and is backed up by our Customer Journey processes which have been created to ensure you experience the best customer service while buying your new home.

Through out your buying journey, our dedicated teams are on hand to keep you informed about how your new home is progressing and the steps you need to take. Our helpful Buying Guide details the steps our sales team will take you through in the buying process.

Before your home is handed over, it will have completed a Final Inspection and Commissioning Checklist which ensures every aspect of the home has been checked and is ready to go through the Ready To Move In process – a further check to guarantee your new home is ready for you!

Approximately two weeks prior to your handover date, we will carry out a familiarisation visit with you so you are able to get to know your new home, and how to operate the technology within it.

Seven days after you have moved in, we will carry out a courtesy visit to answer any questions you might have about your new home. Following this, we will pay a second courtesy approximately four weeks after you have moved in to ensure you have no outstanding queries about your property.

Throughout this process and within your two-year warranty period, you can contact our Customer Service team on 0808 178 6500 or email [email protected]. For out-of-hours emergencies, the above telephone number is also available for urgent calls, ensuring we are available around the clock.