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Assisted Move

With Assisted Move, we make it even easier for you to own the home of your dreams!

Let us help you get moving with our Assisted Move scheme. If you have fallen in love with one of our beautiful homes although still have property to sell, you can secure your dream Hill home without the hassle of selling your current home first.

Once you have chosen your new home, our sales team and dedicated selling agent will work closely with you to obtain valuations on your current property and will help to agree a suitable asking price. Once this is agreed, we will take a reservation fee for your chosen home and will take the property off the market for an agreed period of time to enable you to sell your current property in a realistic time frame.

If after the initial agreed period a buyer isn’t secured for your current property, we will review the terms and if appropriate, our team will extend the duration of the agreement. Should your home remain unsold, your reservation fee is fully refundable.

Once a sale has been agreed on your property, your reservation will be confirmed and the sales contract will be issued under our normal terms and conditions.

To discover our new homes, visit our New Homes page.