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Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Our business is based upon the principle of people and community first. Building on that, we have developed a proven model of genuine partnership with councils to help deliver their regeneration objectives and generate much needed additional capital and revenue for further investment into their communities.

We have a tried and tested solution, an Investment Partnership, which can provide councils with significant commercial, financial and delivery benefits. It is a joint venture arrangement in which, crucially, the council is involved as an equal investment partner rather than a client.

Key Benefits
Quick and easy to set up Partners have an equal share Councils retain control on development options
Forward funding is provided to progress planning and design An enhanced return for the council – land receipt plus equal share of the development profit Guaranteed delivery of regeneration and new housing to support the local economy

We see this model as a strong area of growth for our business and a vital route for councils to address the current challenges they face in meeting their community objectives. The key advantages of an Investment Partnership for a council include low set-up costs, with a timescale of three to six months and the ability to proceed at pace. The council has an equal voice around land development and secures a land value equal to what it could be sold for, as well as receiving half of the development profit.

A fundamental advantage of our Investment Partnership over other models, such as LABVs or Development Agreements, is that it is a flexible model, not a one size fits all delivery structure. It can be adapted to suit local circumstances or to a council’s specific requirements and is not constrained by land value.


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