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Enriching the communities in which we operate

Hill will make a positive impact on every community we have the privilege to work in


Hill have established 3 working groups with a specific social focus as outlined below:


People come First

Communities and Customers

Tackling Homelessness



These are set up to take an approach on social value from both an inwards perspective, i.e. through diversity and inclusion initiatives (including our partnership with Women in Construction), staff volunteering days and work / life balance and well-being policies.  An outward perspective, for example, the impact we have on our communities through local employment and local supply chain, apprenticeships and training initiatives, educational engagement and supporting charities and voluntary organisations.  And finally tackling issues faced by those marginalised in our society such as homelessness through our Foundation200 pledge.


Our 2021 objectives

  • Identify and begin collection of the data sets that we prescribe for social and environmental activity, using a new software tool
  • Ensure our data sets align with specific client requirements on individual projects
  • Ensure all live projects in 2021 have the software tool in use and that data is being entered robustly against all data sets for both ‘social’ and ‘environmental’; this will require us to identify and train social and environmental ‘champions’ at project level to be responsible for data management
  • Use our new software tool to produce monthly reports to meet internal team and customer requirements
  • Aggregate our social and environmental data and produce monthly reports on an individual basis and a business-wide basis to meet internal reporting requirements
  • Include in the reporting approaches above, the monetisation of the non-financial outcomes of our activities – our new software tool will facilitate this
  • Using the approaches above, report on the social impact of our Foundation 200 ‘Solohaus’ initiative (starting from its inception and keeping a ‘running’ total of it’s impact year by year as the approach progresses).


To lead the objectives above, and drive our social value approaches forward we have appointed a Group Social Value Manager, which is a new role for the business and reinforces our commitment to make a positive impact on every community we have the privilege to work in.