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Customer Testimonials

What do our customers think of their new homes? Find out why they purchased their dream homes with Hill.

I joined Hill as part of the management trainee programme when I was 18 and have been saving for my own home ever since. We knew it was the right time to start looking, and although we were not considering a new build initially, Mosaics was an option we couldn’t ignore. Lauren suggested we go and take a look at the show apartment to get an idea of what we could expect from a new build – once we sat down and spoke to the sales teams about our options, we knew we had made the right choice.”

Having worked for Hill for 8 years, Mitchell had been involved in Mosaics in Oxford from a professional standpoint, and renting just 3 miles away decided to take a look around the development. Knowing he could trust the high quality standards from Hill, Mitchell and his girlfriend Lauren, along with their cockapoo Penny, decided to purchase their first home!

We originally had our heart set on a period property but after viewing 13 properties, found that none were quite right. Although we were in love with the character and spacious proportions a period home would offer, we soon realised that many had hidden issues and would require lots of work further down the line. We wanted a home that would be maintenance-free but which also offered space to grow so that we could enjoy the next chapter of our lives together and start a family. After much consideration we decided to focus our search entirely on new builds and found everything we were looking for in the first development we viewed.”

Anna and Chris spent more than a year searching for their ideal London home before coming across Woodside Square in Muswell Hill. The newlywed couple had outgrown their two bedroom apartment and were keen to upsize to a home would provide the space to raise a family, and fell in love with the first new-build home they viewed.

I know the architects on this project very well and knew that the development was going to live up to our standards. We were also aware of the developers beforehand and knew that they were well-respected and delivered outstanding homes across London – it was a no brainer really! Hackney is notoriously known for its creative artistic streak and we love the fact that we’ve found a development that is committed to upholding this creativity. Fish Island Village is actually quieter than where we previously lived, and as well as having its own community feel, the development is highly connected to the rest of London which makes us feel like we’re still in the heart of the London lifestyle, which is great.”

Patrick and his partner Edward were having a conversation with their friend who happened to be an architect at Fish Island Village in Hackney Wick, when the prospect of purchasing came up in conversation. As an architect himself, Patrick was impressed by the striking collection of homes upon his first visit, finding it an easy decision to set up his first home there.

“Having always lived in older properties, we had never considered a newly built home, but we were really impressed with what we saw – it was a total surprise from what we expected. The main difference I have noticed between this house and our older property is the insulation. We’ve never had the heating on and the noise doesn’t travel at all, which is amazing considering how open plan it is – and much needed when you have two teenagers! The whole family loves the open plan kitchen/living area, especially my wife Nicola who is a chef. It is where we spend all of our time and has become the hub of the house. The kids also love the studio, we had intended for it to become a guest room for visitors, but they have taken it over and are already hosting sleepovers and after school get-togethers.”

The Staples family’s move from their 1850s period house was a difficult decision, with their search becoming ever more difficult in an attempt to reduce their commute and be closer to their children’s schools – until they came across Ninewells on the southern fringe of Cambridge.

What really attracted us to Woodside Square was the lovely garden outlook, concierge service, and like-minded neighbours. We love the area and its close proximity to Hampstead Heath, and having our terrace overlook the garden square which is home to native mature trees and wild flowers is fantastic. This development in Muswell Hill really ticked all the boxes for us.”

Valerie and David Richards were looking to downsize from their 1930s four bedroom home in Highbury and return to Muswell Hill, where they had lived for 20 years until their children flew the nest. Looking for a new build home which required little work or maintenance while also not keen on retirement housing, the couple turned their attention to Woodside Square, a multi-generational development where a selection of new homes are available exclusively to over 55s.

Being in the property industry ourselves, we’re pretty savvy about the options available to us and wanted to make sure that we bought the right home in the perfect location. We were determined to secure the home we wanted, so we queued up at 1am on the day of the launch. We were certain other buyers would have the same idea and our strategy worked perfectly as we were able to quickly reserve our dream home. We looked around quite a lot of developments which offered homes through Help To Buy, but none compared to the finish available at Fish Island Village.”

In the lead up to owning their first home, Laura and Henry thought they would have to make significant compromises on location, property type and size – after discovering Fish Island Village, the couple queued overnight to ensure they would secure their dream home in their favourite location thanks to Help to Buy!