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Sustainability at Hill

We are committed to creating sustainable communities and developments which are both high-quality and eco-friendly places to live.

We aim to minimise our impact on the environment and maximise the implementation of sustainable initiatives wherever possible by creating sustainable, high quality and environmentally friendly communities and developments.

Our health, safety energy and environmental goals all share the same aim of protecting the environment. We continually assess our HSEE implications of our activities and actively seek the cooperation of our clients, contractors, suppliers and our employees in pollution prevention.

Our new homes are created with residents’ wellbeing in mind, whether it is as simple as ensuring ample cycle parking and footpaths so they are able to have a sustainable commute and enjoy the area around their new home, to providing their new homes offer the highest standards in sustainable technology. We also ensure our developments encompass means to support and benefit biodiversity and the local wildlife – ecological strategies include using bat and bird boxes to encourage wildlife, as well as allowing for wildflowers to grow and retaining mature trees.

Our ESG goals

  • Ensuring energy use is lower than 100kg/CO2e per £100k turnover
  • Diverting at least 85% waste produced from landfills
  • Ensuring water use is lower than 10m3 per £100k turnover

In 2018 alone, Hill was able to:

  • Divert 93% of total waste from landfills
  • Reduce 20,000 tonnes of waste compared to 2017
  • Obtain 99.8% of timber from certified and reused sources
  • Reduce our total water usage to levels 1.3% below target
  • Enhance implementation of SMARTwaste – a reporting system where teams are required to record environmental data on a monthly basis